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 Gold Digger Fanart

I drew this right after the first issue with the Paus came out. They were just too cute.

One sized version of a wallpaper I did of the three Diggers Sisters.


Yet more Gold Digger fanpics, this first one is of my fav character Charlotte the Cute lil' Harpy.  The second one is of the two bickering Were-Rat girls also on vacation.  Both these pics were printed in different issues of "The Gold Digger Swimsuit Special" in 2002

This is the Picture I'm doing for the November 2002 page of the callender for the Fred Perry Fan Club

This is a CosPlay piece I did of Brianna (from Fred Perry's "Gold Digger") dressed up as Rob Schrab's "Scud the Dispossable Assasin" with the Vaultron Leaprecaun team dressed up as Scud's pal "Drywall"


Gold Digger: "Brittany and the Deamon   Mouse"

I was trying to make it look like the cliche cartoon "Cat and Mouse" chase scene.   I'm hoping to submit it to next year's "Gold Digger Annual".

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