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Isotope: The Comics Lounge
The Online forum for the best comic shop in the world!
I can easily envision a future where people will charish pictures of them and James Sime like so many people now treasure pictures of themselves and people like Elvis or Ghandi.  If you're ever in the Bay Area, I demand you do yourself a big favor and experience this wonder of a comic shop first-hand. 
The Isotope is located at:
1653 Noriega St
San Francisco, Ca
Catch up on every tidbit of the latest news having to do with the webcomics world.
Rocketbox Comics
A site chock full of resources and the stage for a new, healthy community for all webcartoonists, whether they be just starting out on thier trek to web-greatness or seasoned veterans stopping by to drop some pearls of wisdom.
Scary Go Round
It's what Bobbins morphed into once John decided to get serious about his comicing.
Does his art in Illustrator, very slick looking and colorfull.
Serenity Rose
A great-sporadically updating comic.  Serenity Rose is a shy, reclusive, young witch stuck in a world of annoying goths that want to celebritize the poor girl.  Written like a Jhonen Vasquez comic, but with heart!
Not Gonna Take It
A cat-witch and the government conspiracy trying seeking to abuse her power
Cute and unique anthor art
Glych's newly relaunched comic (redoing the story and art...same thing I'm trying to do, but she beat me to it, dagnabit).
  She has a great, unique art style for faces. 
If you love Gilligan's Island, Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, or all of the above, than you'll love Melonpool, because it's all about an alien who fasions his life after those movies and tv shows while hilarity and whimsical hijinks ensue!
Fusion D
She's a Catgirl striper who's only wish in life is to turn the earth into a smoking wasteland devoid of all life.
Yamcha, You had me at "CatGirl Striper..."
Sabrina Online
Delightfuly furry comic of the exploits of Sabrina, a skunk who designs webpages on her beloved Amigo.
Saddly, only updated once a month.  She works as a web designer for a porno company, so I'm not too sure this is meant for the little ones, but it does have it's cute moments.
Ozy And Millie
Ah, a beautiful mix of childlike innocence and philisophical insight. 
It makes us all look at life in a different way, and then tells us to throw pudding at it.
Supermegatopia: the Kiwi capital of the world overun by a pesky Superhero infestation.
An endless parade of furry cheesecake with I guess a plot of some sort thrown one really notices that part.
Funny Farm
I'd attempt to describe this comic, but the above banner does a better job than I ever could.
So I got a thing for furry comcs...DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!
Shoot Me Now
The story of five losers and how they meander through life screwing up everyone elses. 
Art style that many syndicated cartoonists wish they had and no holds bared humor.
It's Walkie
It's walky, is a comic about a group of alien fighting government teenage agents, which spawned from your more-entertaining-than-average college student based comic.
sit back young one and listen as the blue haired sage from Berkley weaves the tale of a hapless gaggle of Nuclear Technitians and askes us the question, "What would you do if you had a giant robotic ant and were being hunted down by a digi-pet gone horribly, horribly wrong?"   
  Slick, Monique, and a cornicopia of other characters wax poetic about life, love, and watch god put on puppet shows.
A very slick and clean art style.
Action packed after school activities.
A lot of fun to read.   T. Campbell is one of the best, if not THE best, writer in webcomics today.  Great writing and a signature art style.  Acomic that shows Fanatic fans such as Trekkies and RPG nuts in a positive and respectful light...although I'm still waiting for a storyline or character concerning "Furries"
Dork Tower
Pathetic arn't they?
Going compleately the opposite direction as Faans, Dork Tower just never stops picking on these poor souls who are practically begging to be punchlines.  Sometimes the whole comic's image won't load all the way and that's annoying, but It's a good comic if you can have it.
Beware of Panda.
I've heard a lot of bad things about Kurtz and his views on alternative comics, but I don't really listen to his rants or anything, I just read the comic.  Funny and nice art.  Although I would like to see him get jumped in a dark ally by the guys who do "Teenagers From Mars" heh heh.
Angst Technology
Enjoy all the fun of working in a video game design company, without any of that "work" junk.
Also the author of Angst Technology likes to point out new funny pictures, comics, interesting websites, and cool new web artists every week or so.
Schlock Mercinary
A subtle parody of sci-fi, Schlock Mercinary is the heartwarming story of a glob-like alien who tries to achieve his dream of killing people for money.
For a comic who's main character looks like a big pile of excrement, this is a pretty clean comic.

Bruno The Bandit
They're a modern medival family.  Bruno is the thieving bastard that captivates our hearts.
Heavy with contemporary satire and pop culture references, Bruno the Bandit is definetly an interesting read, even if you don't get all the real-life references.
Jackies Fridge
THE FRIDGE!! IT SPEAKS!!...oh, and there's a bunch of other anime-looking folks in the mid-west.
Unlike the title suggests, the fridge has little role in the comic.  Mostly it's about Jackie and her friends.  Also check out the author's mini-series "SAM", the story about a girl who goes back in time to warn herself of the end, gets mad at herself, and waits for the end to come, just to spite her time traveling doppleganger.
It's got Anime and Video Games and it's in a medium that's perfect for the only folks with the lack of social life that they would be interested in those things, let alone read a comic about them too.
Very nice art and interesting storys...and a l33t speaking hampster that works part time as a guardian angel's assistant. SQ33K.
Two idiots, a satan worshiping chicken, and a loooooooooove goat.
Not for the little ones, just so you know.  One storyline was about a giant sex-slave midget terrorizing the city.  (and yes, I understand the irony of a giant midget)

And The Now Defunct comics
Krazy Larry
The Daily adventures of an escaped mental patient and the people who have nothing better to do than hang out with him.  The only comic I've ever seen with gay squirel shakespear porn. Obviously not a comic for the little ones.
~Has been ended.  Archives available to read~
Living In Greytown
Created by the devil Phil, Greytown is a town unlike any other.  No one who enters greytown can ever leave...well, except for that guy who got reincarnated as a sausage...and that elf that did a cameo...
Truely one of the more unique and original comics I've seen, not only in the premis, but the execution as well.
Not for the little ones.
~Has been ended.  Archives available to read~

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