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Despite Ralph being my favorite character from "Melonpool", I finally accept that Ralphie does have the higher intelligence, but only because Steve says so.  I know Ralph could have built a time machine and stuff if he wasn't stuck working non-stop fixing the ship, repairing Jaela, and refixing the ship after Mayberry's gotten into it   ~NEW~


A goodbye gift fanart piece of Dani (my favorite character from the comic) for Vince who recently finished off his comic, "The Class Menagerie"


A pic I did after seeing a little chibi version of a vampire girl in her thought balloon about her being the lapdog of the other vampires from the comic  "Blue Canary"

I was just looking through Yamcha's gallery website and found this character, A Chicken Vampire Hunter.  And 'cause it was a chicken, I drew it.  It's that simple.

Now Yamcha's working on a script and I'm gonna draw it.  Not sure what we're gonna do with it when were done, but it sounds fun to me.

Though I know I should be weary

Still I venture someplace scary

ghostly hauntings I turn loose

Beetleguise, BEETLEGUISE, BEE- WHA?!?!

This evolved out of an odd little forum thread for Glych's comic "No Steriotypes"

This is a pic Yamcha asked me to do to be printed in the pin-up section of his comic "The Adventures of Mp3 and Avi" or some title like that.  I can't wait to see it.

You can check out these characters in the meantime at Yamcha's gallery website 

A one year anniversary gift pic I made for "Mixed Myth" a fellow turbocool comic.

When Evil Melonpools Attack.  Can you figure out all the refferences? 

Quick brushpen pic I did for the only comic that tops Melonpool for pop geek culture references, "Zortic"

I just felt that Fusion might get a little jealous when Mp3's book gets published and she becomes everybody's favorite Character of Yamcha's

I miss "Skid Row".  I hope Otaku Ohki starts up his comic Vet on the Net again soon.

Just a little piece I did of the star of "Fusion D" visiting a carnival.

A Noir style tribute to John Troutman's online comic "Basil Flint: Private Eye" Kudos to a comic smart enough to showcase the greatest hat ever created, THE FEDORA!

I did this picture as a belated birthday present for Steve Troop, the creator, author, illustrator, and pupetmaker from the online comic The Adventures Of Mayberry Melonpool     

The First piece of fanart I did for Yamcha's comic, "Fusion D", right after the death of his first character.


John Troutman has taken KFC's bastard child of the fork and spoon, and turned it into a champion of justice. Now go read "The Chronicles of SporkMan"

This is my tribute to that fine comic!


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